Advanced First Aid - HLTAID006

A Mr Paramedic Provide Advanced First Aid course gives you the knowledge, skills and confidence to act in an emergency situation.
Advanced First Aid training provides the necessary skills required to confidently coordinate, manage and instruct other first aiders across a range of complex situations – as well as within the community and workplace environments. Course instructors are current on-road paramedics with a passion for training and education. The course comprises pre-course learning and face-to-face practical training hours.

The following criteria is covered in the Advanced First Aid course:

  • DRSABCD in line with ARC guidelines
  • Responded appropriately in the event of regurgitation or vomiting
  • Managed the unconscious breathing casualty
  • Followed the prompts of a Automated External Defibrillator (AED)
  • Follow single rescue procedure, including the demonstration of a rotation of operators with minimal interruptions to compressions
  • Respond to simulated first aid scenarios contextualised to the candidate’s workplace/community setting
  • Applied first aid procedures – allergic reaction, anaphylaxis, bleeding control, choking and airway obstruction
  • Conduct a basic triage for multiple casualty incident
  • Pressure immobilisation
  • Fractures, sprains and strains
  • Head, neck and spinal injuries (using immobilisation principles)
  • Respiratory distress – including asthma
  • Seizures – including epilepsy
  • shock
  • Workplace policies and procedures

Course cost - $250 per person
Course duration - 8 hours. The course comprises both online pre-learning and face-to-face training hours.

This HLTAID006 Provide Advanced First Aid course runs on-demand. Discounts apply for group bookings of six or more people. Contact  or 0400 019 158 for more information and to book your course.


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